RIANOV™ Technology

RIANOV™ patented technology offers shooters the ability to mount solid state electronics to their weapons which provide real-time data, fully compensated solutions and other information critical to the success of the shooter.

How It Works

The RIANOV™ encapsulates a series of sensors and a microprocessor that manages and controls the sensors and user interface to allow the user to remain focused on the mission.

Internal sensors monitor:

  • Temperature
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Look angle (Uphill/Downhill)
  • Cant Angle (Rotation about Barrel)

For all RIANOV™ products

Ranging Outputs

  • Range to Target (Unit options include Yards & Meters)
  • Elevation Adjustment (Displayed in MOA, Mils, Inches or Clicks)
  • Windage Adjustment (Displayed in MOA, Mils, Inches or Clicks)

The RIANOV™ also allows you to enter wind speed and direction in addition to moving target information that is combined with the ballistics solution and displayed in one set of Elevation and Windage setting adjustments to get you first-shot accuracy like never before.

For RIANOV™ technologies used in our more advanced military products, please see the Military page (available to U.S. Military personnel only).