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Ted Puente

USPSA National Champion

Ted Puente is a Grand Master Pro-Shooter and the 2006 and 2007 United States National Limited 3-Gun (Pistol, Rifle and Shotgun) Champion and the Smith & Wesson 2009 USPSA Limited Pistol Champion. Ted is also an 18 year Law Enforcement veteran with the Milwaukee Police Department where he currently serves as the Firearms Instructor. He has worked in all facets of Law Enforcement including Patrol, Special Operations Bureau and SWAT team instructor. Ted is a certified instructor in Advanced Long Range Rifle tactics, Urban Rifle Training Tactics in addition to Pistol, Shotgun and Police Shoot House Tactics.

“RIANOV is an awesome product... I'd recommend it to anyone!”

Winter in Wisconsin is no walk on the beach for long range shooting expert Ted Puente, or anyone else for that matter, but Puente went out in the cold winter weather, with 30 MPH+ January winds coming off of Lake Michigan to test the RIANOV™ Optical Ranging Device & Ballistics Calculator. “It was cold and windy, but I had put off the testing two times because of the weather. This day, we were going out no matter what! It was time to test the RIANOV™, and we were going”, commented Puente.

After evaluating the full feature set of RIANOV™, including the Press-to-Range™ technology which allows the shooter to determine the range to their intended target with the push of a button and aiming of their rifle, Puente said, “It's an awesome product... I'd recommend it to anyone!”

After completing the evaluation and reflecting on the benefits of the RIANOV™ over other ranging technologies, Puente said, “Having the ability to range your target without emitting a laser and telling your subject where you are is an advantage in any tactical situation, and using the RIANOV™ couldn't be any simpler. The ranging is super accurate and the ballistic solutions are fast and right on the money, every time.”